Colors of Life

There’s a Kodak Lens for Everyone


No matter your age, lifestyle, or budget, the experts at your Kodak Lens Store can help you choose a Kodak Lens solution that’s right for you. From thin & light styles to lenses with anti-reflective coatings, Kodak Lenses will let you see and look your best.

Kodak Lenses are digitally-created for sharp, clear vision in all situations. They offer wide fields of view so you'll see clearly at all distances. And their smooth design provides natural vision and a comfortable wearing experience.


  • No lines

    No-Line Progressive Lens Solution

    Comfortable vision at all distances, improved appearance

    • See everything from your menu to the movie screen
    • More youthful appearance with a no-line bifocal
  • Blonde without glare cropped

    No Glare Lenses

    Best possible vision, provides overall visual comfort

    • Reduces discomfort caused by computer use, fluorescent lights, night driving, etc.
    • Best scratch protection and superior cleanability
  • Materials

    Lens Materials

    Impacts weight, overall comfort, and cosmetics of lens

    • Option of impact resistant material
    • Less weight material provides more all-day comfort
    • Lenses are thinner and lighter
  • Transitions

    Transitions® Lenses

    Comfortable vision inside or out, provides some UV protection

    • No need to switch glasses during routine activities
    • All-day convenience
  • Polarized


    Helps prevent sun exposure around the eyes which can lead to skin cancer, cataracts and wrinkles

    • Proven safest visual protection for driving
    • Provides the best overall wellness and UV protection for your eyes outdoors
  • Kodak blue

    Advanced UV and Digital Protection

    Kodak Total Blue™ Lens delivers advanced protection for your digital life.

    • Eases eyestrain and eye fatigue linked to prolonged digital device usage
    • 100% direct UV protection and reduces harmful blue light exposure
    • Provides exceptional color vision
    • Clear and polarized options for comfortable viewing indoors and outdoors
  • Digital protection

    Digital Protection

    Kodak BlueReflect™ offer a protective shield from digital screens and artificial light

    • Reduces Glare
    • Filters Blue Light