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Clarity Seeker

Enjoy daily comfort and the ability to see the world clearly

Clarity Seeker

Kids Lens

Control myopia progression in your child

KODAK Kids Lens helps reduce the onset of myopia in young wearers.

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Kids Lens Kids Lens
Clarity Seeker

Digital Single Vision Lens

Enjoy the best high definition vision
in style.

Experience a wider field of view with less distortion.

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Digital Single Vision Lens Digital Single Vision Lens
Clarity Seeker

Night Vision Coating

Protect your eyes from reflection
and glare at night

Shield your eyes from glare at night

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Night Vision Coating Night Vision Coating
Clarity Seeker

Clean&CleAR Lens

See the world more clearly and
enjoy day-to-day comfort.

Cosmetically superior to standard lenses

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Clean&CleAR Lens Clean&CleAR Lens
Kodak Lens

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