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KODAK Blue AR Lens (Intro Series)

Protect your eyes from UV light and filter Blue-violet light.


Filters Out Blue-violet Light

KODAK Blue AR Lens (Intro Series) filters Blue-violet light for a budget friendly approach to managing eye comfort.

High Energy Visible light is everywhere

  • Daylight

    The majority of blue-violet light exposure, both indoors and outdoors, is from the sun.

  • Screens

    LCD screens of modern devices, emit blue-violet light.

  • Fluorescent bulbs

    Offer white light, but emit blue-violet light at the same time.


Protection from UV Light

UV rays from the sun can be harmful, may impact on eye health after prolonged exposure. KODAK Blue AR Lens filters out UV light and helps  to reduce exposure to UV rays.

Who Is It For?

Active wearers who are constantly on the go!

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