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Progressive Thinker

Enjoy better vision and clarity with progressive lenses

Progressive Thinker

City Progressive Lens

KODAK City Progressive Lens has been further refined into 4 Progressive Vision Styles

Which one are you?

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City Progressive Lens City Progressive Lens
Progressive Thinker

Softwear Lens

A digital lens designed for the office
type environment.

Be more productive in the office with
better vision.

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Softwear Lens Softwear Lens
Progressive Thinker

Swift Lens

Quick and effortless adaptation to
progressive lenses.

Enjoy sharp vision no matter the distance.

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Swift Lens Swift Lens
Progressive Thinker

Intro Lens

The perfect introduction to progressive lenses.

Enjoy a smooth transition to progressive lenses for new wearers

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Intro Lens Intro Lens
Progressive Thinker

Precise PB + Precise PB Short Lens

Single vision comfort, near vision clarity.

Meet your changing lifestyle needs with exceptional vision.

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Precise PB + Precise PB Short Lens Precise PB + Precise PB Short Lens
Progressive Thinker

Easy Lens

Having clear vision just got a whole lot easier.

Easy adaptation and selection of frames to suit your progressive lenses.

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Easy Lens Easy Lens
Progressive Thinker

KODAK Network Lens

Designed for extensive digital users.

Enjoy good vision at all distances, optimized for even more screen time.

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KODAK Network Lens KODAK Network Lens
Progressive Thinker

Unique + Unique HD Lens

An innovative lens designed to be as individual as you.

Have clearer vision with minimized distortion.

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Unique + Unique HD Lens Unique + Unique HD Lens
Progressive Thinker

Unique II + Unique II HD Lens

Be unique in your modern world.

Have a more comfortable digital viewing experience.

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Unique II + Unique II HD Lens Unique II + Unique II HD Lens
Progressive Thinker

Create Lens

My vision. Designed with me, for me.

Tailor your vision to your life with
KODAK Create Lens.

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Create Lens Create Lens
Kodak Lens

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